———Wenzhou City———

Wenzhou is a city located in southeastern Zhejiang Province, China. It borders Lishui city to the west, Taizhou to the north, and looks out to the East China Sea to the east.Wenzhou derives its present name from its mild climate. It covers a land area of 11,784 square kilometers and sea area of 11,000 square kilometers. The population of the prefectural level city is 7.7 million including 2 million urban residents, divided among 2 "county level" cities and 3 wards.Wenzhou is a city full of vitality.In the early days of economic reforms, the people of Wenzhou took the lead in developing a commodity economy, household industries and specialized markets. Many thousands of people and families were engaged in household manufacturing to develop individual and private economy. Up till now, Wenzhou has a total of 240,000 individually-owned commercial and industrial units and 130,000 private enterprises of which 180 are group companies, 4 among China’s top 500 enterprises and 36 among national 500 top private enterprises. The quantity, industrial output, tax, export and number of employees of the private enterprises account for 99%, 96%, 75%, 95% and 80% of the whole city respectively. There are 27 national production bases such as “China’s Shoes Capital” and “China’s Capital of Electrical Equipment”, China’s 40 famous trademarks and China’s famous-brand products and 67 national inspection-exempt products in the city. The development of private economy in Wenzhou has created the “Wenzhou Economic Model”, which inspires the modernization drive in China.
The city of Wenzhou is a world leader in lighter manufacturing with over 500 such companies in the city
Wenzhou City: 
Township-level divisions: 9
- Land 11,784 km2 (4,549.8 sq mi)
- Water 11,000 km2 (4,247.1 sq mi)
Population (2007)
- Prefecture-level city: 7,645,700
- Urban: 1,423,600
Time zone: China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s): 577
GDP: CNY 252.8 billion
GDP per capita: CNY 32,595
Local Dialect:Wu (Wenzhou dialect)and Min Nan